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A series of written questions for which written answers are prepared and then signed under oath by a party to a lawsuit usually with the assistance of the party s attorney. Business law encompasses a vast array of specialized types of law.

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Which of following result in an offer a declaration of intention.

Business law quiz. Take the quiz to find out if you should be a lawyer. This quiz and worksheet combination will help test how much you know about several of these specializations by asking questions. Start studying business law quiz 1.

Dan accused paul of stealing a book from the store. Chapter 1 legal heritage and the digital age chapter 2 constitutional law for business and e commerce chapter 3 courts and jurisdiction show class business law 2301. An invitation to offer an advertisement offering reward to anyone who finds lost dog of the advertise an offer made in a joke.

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Paul filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment against dan s bookstore. Quiz 5 lesson 7. The correct answer and explanation provided with each question make it easier for you to to understand each concept well.

Final exam business law i bus203 700. May specialize in a single area or may practice broadly in many areas of law. Consisting of objective type questions from various important concepts of business law this test presents you questions followed by four options.

Check if your personality will suit becoming a lawyer. Advise clients concerning business transactions claim liability advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations. Business law 203 study guide 2019 20 jean gaetano unit 6 quiz chapter 11 12.

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Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. Final exam business law i bus203 700. Take business law online test and evaluate your readiness before you appear for any interview or written test.

During a visit to dan s bookstore dan stopped paul as he left the store. Business law practice questions multiple choice answers at bottom of page 1.