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Before presenting your business plan always have the individual sign a confidentiality agreement first. Confidentiality statements also known as non disclosure agreements are contracts which are prepared to safeguard the interests of an individual company.

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Describe what the other party is agreeing to.

Business plan confidentiality statement. The whole point of the agreement is stated in this clause and this must be understandable enough to prevent any confusion and misunderstanding between the parties involved. In this part you need to make known the types of information you. A confidentiality statement acts as legal binding between two or more parties who have partnered with each other.

Confidentiality statement notice of forward looking statements significant risks notice that the business plan is not an offer to sell or a solicitation for securities other notices and disclaimers advised by your attorney. How to write an ironclad business plan confidentiality agreement provide a list of parties involved in the agreement. When writing a confidential agreement you must identify who are.

The undersigned reader of company s name business plan hereby acknowledges that the information provided is completely confidential and therefore the reader agrees not to disclose anything found in the business plan without the express written consent of business owner s name. Business plan confidentiality agreement. In simple terms it is a document stating that the person you disclose your business plan to will not disclose any of its contents to anyone outside of the agreement.

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Here are some instances where you would need to use a printed or email confidentiality statement. Confidentiality statement business plan it makes it clear that you re a novice many investors or lenders find it offensive most investors don t have the time or energy to steal your idea if you actually intend to secure funding your idea will not remain confidential. Business plan confidentiality template.

In essence it is a document that states that when a company s business plan is seen they will not be able to discuss the contents of it with anyone outside of the agreement. This section of your business plan should include. The first part of the confidentiality agreement must present the information that must not be disclosed by the recipient or the receiving party.

A confidentiality statement is also called a confidentiality agreement a non disclosure agreement confidentiality clause non disclosure form secrecy agreement or propriety information agreement. In this article we have provided few examples of confidentiality statement. A business confidentiality statement is a tool that businesses use when they discuss their business plan with others who will be given information that the company values or wishes to keep a secret.

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Confidential information is proprietary trade secret information contained within and relating to disclosing party s business plan including but not limited to. To maintain a competitive advantage. Business description marketing plan sales revenue forecast profit and loss forecast capital spending plan cash flow forecast future trends personnel plan business goals personal financial statement supporting documents and information conveyed in writing or in discussion that is indicated to be confidential.

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