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The type of marketing that is offered in a degree is a soft skill. Getting the job was probably due to heavy club involvement freelance work and other projects throughout school.

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I offer my thoughts on that coupled with advice on how to choose a degree that actually boosts your marketing career.

Marketing degree reddit. 35k a year with 2 weeks vacation 401k after a year. 2 the data helped us identify the minimum education requirements employers are seeking in. Just a brief explanation marketing often revolves around the strategy from a consumer facing standpoint assuming a b2c model so they use models like the 4ps look it up it stands for pricing place product promotion.

Graduated in 2016 w an accounting degree. My first job was a purchasing assistant for a healthcare company. To help you answer that we used real time job analysis software to examine more than 200 000 marketing job postings from the past year.

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After getting the job the degree helped more than the extracurriculars. I could have performed well with other business degrees but marketing always fascinated me. However i m researching the degree and although it is required in some cases people are saying it s useless.

It would be smart to supplement your marketing degree with something else unless you want to do sales which fwiw does have the highest ceiling. If you do and you re good at marketing and management you will end up making a lot of money. I am attracted to the aspect of marketing with the creative ideas helping companies by pitching ideas analyzing things etc.

Had a job lined up before i graduated. Cause the mindset of media vs marketing is very different generally media is a subset if marketing. A reddit user asks marketing professionals to comment on the viability of a marketing degree.

Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts communities top posts topics. The work to me is very fun and interesting. A marketing degree is worthwhile if plan to go deep into it as a career.

You may be wondering if it s better for you to pursue a bachelor s degree or an associate s degree in marketing. You don t need a marketing degree to get a job in marketing while it s unlikely you can get an accounting job without an accounting degree. Cs graphic design and some sort of creative writing minor all complement marketing degrees really well.

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You should focus on something like data analysis finance accounting eh or statistics so that you apply the technical analysis skill needed so much in good marketing to identify and drive kpi s for whatever you are marketing. It looks like i m in the minority saying this but in the 2 years i ve spent post grad i ve found my marketing degree to be very useful. I m on my 2nd job in the supply chain management field and i m loving it.

The thing with marketing is that it doesn t qualify you the same way other commerce majors would such as accounting. Short answer no.