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The type of marketing that is offered in a degree is a soft skill. The good news is that means that all new majors are in the same situation as you and there will be seats for you in the initial classes in your major.

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Short answer no.

Marketing major reddit. First off most of the marketing majors will start off in sales after graduation if they re even able to land a job that is and some of those might transition into marketing down the line. If i could go back and change that i would do it in a heartbeat. A marketing department is filled with people from all kinds of majors.

Marketing is a good major because it s extremely versatile and can lead to a variety of high paying in demand careers with great job satisfaction and opportunities for on going education. Is a major in marketing a dead end major. Marketing majors can pull in 50k to 200k a year.

There are seats available in those two classes for you as soon as opd converts you from pre to marketing. I didn t want a degree in marketing because the classes were boring so i went for political science instead. For marketing the first two classes you should absolutely be taking are mar3615 and mar3503.

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Or be anything where you can always have a job. After getting the job the degree helped more than the extracurriculars. Marketing major minors graphic design international business organizational communication social media analytics consumer psychology becoming a dual threat by adding a minor to accompany your marketing degree could help you stand out in today s fast paced advertising arena.

I m currently a junior majoring in marketing and i ve heard from multiple people that its considered a dead end major. We have multiple graphic designers multiple developers a few business analysts and some sales people. Getting the job was probably due to heavy club involvement freelance work and other projects throughout school.

It looks like i m in the minority saying this but in the 2 years i ve spent post grad i ve found my marketing degree to be very useful. Much school stuck in the past with respect to syllabi s of the classes they provide. Marketing was included in the united states 10 most popular majors by cnn for an average beginning salary.

Graduated with a marketing degree four years ago. A major in marketing i doubt teaches enough modern tech that you need. Internet marketing and etc.

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At this point i m not going to change my major because its something i ve been interested in for a while now but i d still like to hear your guys insight. If i were to go back and do it all over again i would major in marketing but get a minor in computer science preferably with an emphasis in html developing. You should focus on something like data analysis finance accounting eh or statistics so that you apply the technical analysis skill needed so much in good marketing to identify and drive kpi s for whatever you are marketing.

As for my own experience in marketing i got an entry level marketing job while i went to school full time. A degree is nice but won t influence my decision if it s a great candidate.